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The DHM Pipelayer is a general construction laborer, but with an emphasis on assembling, connecting, and constructing pipe systems that are for storm or sanitation sewers, drains, water mains, culverts, and open excavation areas.

Duties include:

  • Installing sanitary and storm water sewer structures and pipe systems in a trench environment

  • Assist other laborers and heavy equipment operators in performing installations

  • Work in confined spaces and with powered and non-powered hand tools

  • Read and understand grade stakes, read blueprints, and use lasers and levels

  • Cut, align, and position pipe during construction process and then connect/seal pipe using various methods

  • Dig trenches by hand using various types of hand tools

  • May operate heavy equipment at times

  • Ensure that the pipes are laid and connected properly and securely to avoid costly repair, and that installation has been done to specifications

  • May also perform maintenance or repair of existing pipelines, as well as tapping existing pipelines

  • Cover pipes with dirt or other materials

  • Labor intensive job requiring work in trenches of various depths, adverse weather conditions for extended amounts of time, typically loud noise levels, and hazardous conditions

  • No formal education is required

  • 2 years of experience is preferred, but we will train