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DHM’s proximity to I-81, the PA turnpike and Route 70 have played a big part in our workload.  Our area has produced, and is continuing to produce, many excavation projects along these corridors. Large warehouses, manufacturing and commercial development is a booming industry. DHM is well equipped to handle all kinds of large commercial projects. Our fleet of heavy iron is ready to work. ...read more


DHM started with just a small backhoe and catered to the homeowner. To this day we still believe that our local builders and homeowners deserve just as much attention as they did back in 1968. We have superintendents and crews that are built just for the residential builder or homeowner.  From clearing lots and digging basements to installing water and sewer lines for your house, DHM is well staffed for just this type of work. ...read more

Truck Fleet

DHM has one of the largest fleets of tri-axle dump trucks in the region.  With over 35 trucks we can service any trucking need that you may have.  Of the 35 trucks, 14 of them are hardened steel beds that have the capability to haul large rock, or any type of heavy debris that you may have.  Most of our trucks have their ACT 90 stickers and are approved to haul waste to any landfill. Our trucks are apportioned in PA, MD and WV. ...read more

Crushing Equipment

Crushing rock has become an important part of our overall operation.  Since the region we work in is primarily located in a limestone formation, crushing has become a viable option.  We are able to reuse the limestone we encounter on the projects as trench backfill, or even as sub-base under the paving.  Crushing rock is environmentally friendly as well, and allows us to work with the materials onsite. ...read more


DHM is well equipped to handle all kinds of demolition.  Our superintendents and operators have years of experience in demolition techniques.  We have torn down many houses and buildings in some of the tightest locations.  We do our best to have as little impact on the surrounding areas as possible. ...read more


DHM has been serving the needs of local farmers for decades.  We assist agricultural building contractors in excavating for milking parlors, trench silos, manure pits, and many other farm jobs. If you need slate for farm lanes and barnyards, or removal of rock from fields, call us for a free estimate. ...read more

Snow Removal

DHM has been in the business of removing snow for clients for over 45 years.  We started out removing snow for homeowners. ...read more


We understand that no single item can cause more cost overage than encountering rock. Our decades of experience in rock removal allow our estimators to provide owners and general contractors with realistic evaluations in both cost and time. State of the art material, equipment, and pre-blast surveys allow us to remain on the cutting edge of blasting technology. ...read more


We handle all of our own surveying here at DHM.  Controlling this within our company has allowed us to be more efficient since we don’t have to rely upon third party surveyors.  Along with our surveying department we have on staff two Professional Land Surveyors who are licensed in multiple states. ...read more

Box Culverts

DHM is experienced in the completion of many box culverts under roadways. We have installed small 3 foot culverts up to large 20 foot culverts with poured in place end walls and gabion basket walls. ...read more



Slate can be used as structural fill for under buildings or to fill in any area that needs to be brought up to grade.

Stone Size Description

Stone Size Description

Curious what the difference is between different types of stone and material? Take a look here.



We sell three kinds of topsoil; regular, sifted, and mixed. Limestone is the preferred type of topsoil in our area.