Topsoil is available for purchase by the cubic yard or in large quantities in a tri-axle dump truck.

We service many clients with our topsoil product. Landscapers and homeowners love it for preparing their flower beds. We will deliver it to your site or you can pick it up and haul it yourself. We are open for topsoil delivery Monday through Friday 6:00am – 5:00pm and there is always someone available to load topsoil for customer pick-up Monday – Friday from 6:30am–4:00pm.

Limestone topsoil is the preferred type of topsoil in our area because of the clay content that is in it. All of the topsoil that we sell is limestone topsoil. We sell three kinds of topsoil.

Regular Topsoil

Regular topsoil is un-sifted topsoil that has been taken off project sites and stockpiled. You will occasionally find a few rocks in our regular topsoil, but they are usually small pieces that can be sorted out.

Sifted Topsoil

Sifted topsoil is topsoil that has been processed through our sifter. Sifted topsoil is a beautiful product that has been run through our processor and sifted down to 1/2″ or less.


Mixed Topsoil

Mixed topsoil is sifted topsoil that has been mixed with agricultural compost. Both our sifted topsoil and mixed topsoil are kept inside a building year-round so that dry topsoil is always on hand. The mixed topsoil is 75% sifted topsoil and 25% agricultural compost. The mixed topsoil is great for planting beds.

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