President | Kirk Martin
CFO/Treasurer | Terry Armstrong
Controller/Secretary | Danley Shank
V. P. of Human Resources | Char Vink

Payroll | Megan Haymaker
Accounts Payable | Missy Yeager
Accounts Receivable/Billing | Robyn Statler-Hess
Project Accountant | Cathy Stine
Accounting Assistant | Bette Guy

V. P. of Operations | Grant Benedict
V. P. of Field Operations | Jeryl Martin
V.P. of Residential Development | Brad Kuhns
V.P. of Underground Utilities | Brad Kent
V. P. of Estimating | Lance Norton

Safety Coordinator | Brenda Beattie
Safety Technician | Keith Meyers

Project Management
Commercial | Dwayne Judd
Commercial | Rick Shadle
Commercial | Donnie Smith
Commercial | Brad Ritchey
Commercial & Agricultural | Paul Coldsmith
Commercial & Agricultural | Adam Gress
Environmental | Lynn Martin
Environmental | Zach Dubbs