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Laborer – Construction

The DHM Construction Laborer performs tasks involving strenuous physical labor on excavating and construction job sites.  They may perform a variety of tasks including operating hand and power tools, clean and prepare job sites, dig trenches, and set bracing to support the sides of excavation trenches, clean up various types of debris, remove waste materials, load/unload materials, and assist other construction workers as needed.  Construction Laborers must have physical strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination, and endurance.

Duties Include:

  • Remove and/or work around hazardous materials, conditions, and moving equipment
  • Operate hand tools and small equipment such as and power tools manually and through possible technical methods
  • Read blueprints and designs
  • Set up and take down temporary structures and barriers
  • Assist construction managers and heavy equipment operators
  • Give cues and signals and directions to heavy equipment operators
  • Dig trenches, rake, shovel, etc.
  • Assist in setting up grade, setting inlets and manholes and water valve boxes
  • Install sewer, water and storm pipes, and underground utilities
  • Ensure that proper safety protocol is followed, and incident reporting is followed
  • Load/Unload trucks and haul/hoist heavy materials
  • No formal education is required
  • 1 year of experience is preferred, but we will train