In late June of 2021 we started working on this project transforming a 27.36 Acre site into a 391,500 Square Foot warehouse for Allen Distribution.

This project involved the demolition and removal of several structures as well as clearing about 13 Acres of thick vegetation and woodlands. Some areas required over 15’ of excavation to achieve proposed grades and in total we moved more than 137,000 Cubic Yards of material during the mass grading period. Significant rock in this area required us to drill and blast to be able to excavate this material.

All underground utilities except for the electric lines were in our scope of work as well. This totaled approximately 12,000’ of water line, sewer line, and storm sewer lines. The water and sewer lines needed to be extended across a neighboring property to tie into current facilities as required by the local municipalities. This right of way was in a steep slope just off Route 11 where several utility poles and overhead wires were located making a difficult job even more challenging for our crews.

As the building was completed, we were responsible for 8,300’ of curbing and almost 30,000 Square Yards of paving to complete the parking lots and entrances. In the spring of 2022, we installed two large bioretention areas in each of the stormwater ponds and began the permanent seeding and landscaping to complete the project. On June 30th, 2022, we had a final walkthrough, and the property was turned over to the owner.