Our teams were tasked with delivering a new employee parking lot as well as new trailer storage parking in a timely manner for our FedEx clients.

This project started out with us having to clear and grub a small area and modify an existing weir wall.  Although the amount of actual earth that we had to move was minimal at just 30,000 cubic yard,  the scope of the project included 43,000 square yards of paving, 59,700 square feet of concrete flat work for trailer storage and 4,500 feet of curbing.  Our crews worked tirelessly to complete this work and meet our clients deadline. Of course, with the location being in Hagerstown we encountered rock but with some drilling, blasting and hydra hammer work, it was soon completed and we moved on to the next stage

As part of the storm sewer work we installed 11 storm inlet boxes, 24 Nyoplast yard drains, 5500 feet of storm sewer piping and 24 bio ponds.  The bio ponds consisted of PVC liners, small diameter pipe, stone and bio-mix on top.  To finish it off 365 trees, shrubs and plugs were planted in the bio ponds.

In the end, thanks to our great employees, our client got their parking lot and storage area turned over to them ahead of schedule.  This client is one of our many repeat clients and we couldn’t be any happier than to have worked together again.