We were glad to be chosen as a partner to help in the construction of a 240,000 square foot warehouse and bakery additon to the existing Martins Pastry campus.

This project started out with DHM having to drill and blast approximately 108,000 Cy of rock.  A total of 260,000 Cy of topsoil, rock and clay were moved onsite with almost 133,000 Cy hauled off site.   Building footers (16,000 Cy) were excavated and storm sewer basins, piping and underground detention systems were installed. Any excess rock was stockpile and crushed at a later date.  Crushed rock was used in utility trenches as backfill as well as under the concrete subbase and paving.  A total of 90,000 tons of rock was crushed.

When finished DHM crews will have backfilled the building footers, installed over 9000 feet of underground utilities, installed 4 retaining walls,  placed stone under bituminous and concrete paving, replaced topsoil, applied sod and planted grass, trees and other shrubbery.